May 2008 Issue

An explanation of trench-type wet wells
Most shaft seals are typically placed in bores made of steel, cast iron or other common ferrous metallic material. These ferrous, or iron-containing materials, are compatible with both metal cased and rubber covered seals.
For more than 100 years, machine parts composed of mechanical carbon have provided an alternative solution in applications where temperature and atmosphere prevent the use of oil-grease lubricants.
Explore some of the issues associated with vertical pump bearings in general, and nonmetallic bearings specifically.
Bolted flange gasket technology continually evolves with new designs and materials that provide more reliable and durable seals. Plant operators can choose from a wide variety of gasket products that meet the needs of each application; however, selecting the optimal gasket product is only half the battle.
Maintaining equipment uptime in a mining operation is essential. For one of South American's largest sulfurated copper mining organizations, unreliability simply wasn't acceptable, so they turned to one seal manufacturer to develop a pump sealing system improvement program using the Six Sigma methodology.
Under an Energy Conservation Performance Program, Miami-Dade County commissioned a study to evaluate potential capital improvement projects fully funded from the projected savings in energy consumption and/or operating and maintenance costs. Through this program, the cost of new equipment is financed through energy and/or other realized operational cost savings. The capital funding otherwise required to replace existing mechanical systems is avoided, and those funds can then become available for other County needs.
Mechanical seals are designed to produce an acceptably low level of leakage to function effectively. Many individual internal and external factors, as well as interactions between them, affect the rate of seal leakage.

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