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Pump manufacturers in a variety of industries are increasingly asked to deliver more with less.
Today's electricians are often found working in applications outside the realm of what is traditionally considered "electrical." Through new programs sponsored by the IBEW-JATC training schools and others, the skill sets of the electrical union workforce have broadened to include automation and controls.
Rolling bearings are precision machine elements found in a wide variety of applications.
Lubricants for rotating machinery primarily serve to separate rolling and sliding contact surfaces, protect highly finished bearing surfaces from corrosion, protect against contaminants and serve as a heat-transfer medium.
BEP is also the point at which a pump is least prone to failure and its life expectancy is greatest. In other words, it is also a pump's best operating point (BOP).
Cavitation in pumps is a well known but unwelcome phenomenon.
Lift stations can be difficult and costly to monitor, especially when the stations are located in remote areas.
A flexible coupling's primary functions are connecting two shafts, transmitting power from a driver shaft to a driven shaft and accommodating the misalignment between them.
Most of us probably never notice the spinning cylinder mounted between the pump and motor, except how easy it is to dis/assemble when a pump or motor is changed out.
Mechanically generated sparks, electrostatic discharge and high surface temperatures are all potential ignition sources in explosive atmospheres.
All three API Plan 53 versions are intended to isolate the pumped product from the atmosphere and create a favorable artificial environment for the mechanical seal.
Hi answers your frequently asked questions.
As a public water provider, Loudon Water, a water and wastewater authority in Loudon, Va., must be able to supply water to meet the community's needs.
Unanticipated noise and vibration can be problematic for both occupants and processes within structures.
To further complicate matters, pump component wear invalidates most pump-performance curves. In highly variable conditions, wear cannot be accurately modeled or predicted.
What Are Your Vibration Monitoring Goals? Identifying goals before starting is key to designing a process tailored to specific needs. What are you hoping to accomplish by monitoring vibration? How would you like to acquire data? What are you going to do with the data? These important questions should be addressed before moving forward.
Soft foot is one of the most prevalent conditions found in rotating machinery. This condition, if not corrected, makes an alignment job much more difficult and sometimes impossible. If the internal alignment is not correct, the external alignment will not matter.
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