May 2012

New bearing system keeps circulating water pumps running in a 
nuclear power plant.
When unusual things happen in the field, know who to call for emergency support.
The performance of a centrifugal pump with a trimmed impeller will follow the affinity laws as long as that trim is relatively small.
Detuning devices solve high vibration problems in power station water circulating pumps.
The focus has been on the main source of the emissions—valve stem packing. Several companies have evaluated current industry standards and have crafted testing protocols specific to their application requirements.
Hydraulic Institute has been creating pump standards since 1917
New resin and Kevlar bulk molding compound adds strength to pump wear parts.
Obstacles to look out for in preventative maintenance.
Computer-aided engineering enables the improvement of pump hydraulic performance in power plants.
Choosing the right enclosure to protect pump monitoring equipment is paramount.
Insight and reactions to key industry coverage
Standards for repair will begin with a standard for vertical turbine pumps.The pump industry is undergoing renewed interest in the technical aspects and quality of repairs.
New equipment improves SCADA functions.
Solid-body plastic AODD pumps deliver the operational ability required for challenging abrasive-handling applications.
Pump monitoring instrumentation is often not included with installations, but proper sensors can protect a pump and help with efficient operation.
These materials were prepared for informational purposes from sources that are believed to be reliable but which could change without notice.

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