Mechanical Seals

Remember that the gasket is but one of many reasons a bolted flange joint connection can leak.
Gas lubricated seals are relatively recent developments in pump seal technology. They provide a new approach to double seals for controlling pump emissions, minimizing heat generation and reducing power consumption.
The conditions described in this article are some of the most common causes of failure when gas seals are applied to pumps. However, with clear identification of these conditions during seal specification, gas seal designs can be applied that mitigate these application challenges.
Mechanical seals are designed to produce an acceptably low level of leakage to function effectively. Many individual internal and external factors, as well as interactions between them, affect the rate of seal leakage.
These basic seal system considerations can significantly reduce the energy footprint of the seal face interaction. Their contribution to the overall sealing system energy footprint should be considered after review of all the components of the sealing system's energy footprint.
Although many of the energy costs of a shut-down can be difficult to quantify, they are numerous and substantial. Maintaining a process stream in operation increases its overall efficiency, while failures decrease it.
The storage of mechanical seal assemblies, whether in an as received or in service condition, requires practices that prevent deterioration of critical sealing properties. Exposure to process and flush fluids can limit shelf life and reuse of some elastomeric secondary seal and gasket materials, depending on type and length of exposure.
Lip seals with dimensionally stable elements are a viable option when sealing some of the more difficult pump system applications.
You ultimately choose whether you send your used seals to the Seal OEM or to a non-OEM repair shop.

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