net positive suction head

A full introduction to metering pumps
If a centrifugal pump is started with the discharge valve open too far and with a low discharge pressure, the liquid in the suction line may accelerate at a rate that causes the suction pressure to drop below vapor pressure.
As energy costs rise and energy efficiency becomes more important in operating pumping systems.
The process of making plastic.
Pump questions and answers from the hydraulic institute.
Answers to the industry's pressing technical and management questions
Good suction piping design must eliminate air entrainment in the liquid, minimize friction loss, provide straight and uniform flow at the pump inlet and avoid excessive forces due to pipe strains at the pump.
Analyzing the poor repairs on a boiler feed pumps and how they affect the pump's performance and reliability.NPSH,net positive suction head
Answers to frequently asked questions provided by the Hydraulic Institute.
Questions and answers regarding all things pumps.
Questions about rotary pumps, vertical sump pump, and buying pumps answered by experts in the pumping industry.
How can we tell if a pumping system is designed and operated properly?
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
Q. What is a free standing baseplate and when should it be used? Are there any special design requirements?
HI answers your frequently asked questions.

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