November 2007 Issue

The benefits of predictive maintenance are becoming readily accepted throughout industry in Europe as well as North America.
Propane refrigeration systems are often required in the natural gas processing industry to provide the required chilling in condensing heavy components for a rich gas. This study explains a simple correlation to estimate compressor power and condenser duty per refrigeration duty in three-stage propane refrigerant systems - important parameters to consider when designing any refrigeration system.
The second part of this three-part series explores the types of protection applied to specific equipment installed at water and wastewater facilities and some typical criteria used to develop protective settings.
The siphon is an example of a natural and extremely simple machine that we take advantage of daily.
This article explores the areas of commonality between centrifugal and PD pumps and ten common PD pump misconceptions and the reality behind each.
New heat activated epoxy-based materials are now being used to repair leaking and corroded pipe work when operations are unable to shut down.
Learning about minimum continuous stable flow; pumps should not be run below the level determined by the manufacturer.

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