November 2009 Issue

In Pump Challenge #4, many of you discovered while using the Energy Consumption Evaluator, that the standard listing only goes to 8x6-17 pump size with motor power maxed at 250 hp.
A paint and coatings plant that produces both cationic paste with pigments and cationic binders without pigments for truck shipment to automotive OEMs was experiencing difficulties when transferring the compounds from mobile tanks to trucks.
About 900 years before Newton formulated his universal gravitational theory, the Greek philosopher Aristotle espoused something different.
Whoever coined the phrase "Don't sweat the small stuff" was likely not an engineer. Everything engineers do is ultimately defined by the success of "the small stuff" that comprises the larger design projects.
What is an acceptable amount of residual unbalance in an impeller after it has been balanced?
Consider a typical ANSI-dimensioned 1x1.5-6 pump, as discussed in the P&S August article.
Regeneration occurs in an AC variable frequency drive system when the load overhauls the motor. This can occur when trying to decelerate the load, or when some external force causes the motor to overhaul and act like a generator. The energy contained in the rotating equipment flows into the drive, and is manifested as increased DC bus voltage in the inverter. This over voltage is traditionally wasted as heat by means of dynamic braking resistors.
A number of technical papers (1, 4, 7, 8) have shown that the maximum damage rate to centrifugal pumps, at least in water services, typically occurs when the NPSHA is in the range of two to three times the NPSHR3.
It has been 54 years since Tracy Hall invented the first manmade diamond at the General Electric (GE) laboratories in Schenectady, New York.
Gas lubricated seals are relatively recent developments in pump seal technology. They provide a new approach to double seals for controlling pump emissions, minimizing heat generation and reducing power consumption.
With production time and cash flow at an all time premium, more companies are looking for time and cost saving alternatives to replacing slightly damaged assets.
Wireless technology is enabling INEOS Köln GmbH (Cologne, Germany) to detect blocked filters in polyethylene pellet transportation tubes that can lead to production downtime at its plant in Cologne.

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