November 2010

Determining which pumps and their associated systems to assess. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
Magnetic bearings have the advantage of non-contacting, super-low friction performance.
Frequently, guide bearings are incorrectly blamed for a problem that has nothing to do with the bearings.
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
The installation of an AC drive with an advanced software tool has dramatically cut call-outs for blockages at an Irish county council pumping station.
Reducing the causes of friction and choosing the proper pump will increase efficiency and cost-savings.
The U.S. has not enacted a wide-reaching, industrial energy efficiency bill since 1992 when the Energy Efficiency Policy Act was passed.
With reverse engineering, a pump service facility increased the performance of a service water pump in a nuclear power plant.
Overall, the new sealing solution—in use since 2007—is outperforming the old method by a significant margin considering reliability, safety, energy and environmental perspectives. It increased pipeline flexibility and simultaneously improved overall product delivery.
An analysis of the steps in a study that quantified the benefits of mechanical refurbishment and internal coating of horizontal split case pumps.
Last year in “Trending Revelations in Vibration Analysis,” (Pumps & Systems, June 2009), I discussed the importance of statistic trending in vibrations analysis. Usually, as most would expect, vibrations gradually increase with time. This increase reflects the normal internal wear, accumulative misalignment and deformations that can occur within a pump. All these wear conditions will lead to eventual failure.
Although many of the energy costs of a shut-down can be difficult to quantify, they are numerous and substantial. Maintaining a process stream in operation increases its overall efficiency, while failures decrease it.

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