October 2010 Issue

Low-cost additions help bottle maker manage compressed air use and energy costs on a shoestring.
The amount of product pumped per unit of energy used would be considered a direct measure of efficiency.
Answers from the Hydraulic Institute on questions about Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids
Many reasons for wireless conversion reluctance are resolved with new technology.
An analysis of the intelligent pumping market, including the challenges, solutions, future outlook.
The details of a mass-based chemical injection system for an application that requires critical dosing of a trace chemical into a continuous flowing fluid.
OEM pumps and parts outperform replicated products, and can save thousands per year in operating costs.
Improvements in performance and energy reduction can be achieved with smart drives and system optimization.
In the 1950s I encountered pumps for the first time while on a sales call with my father, visiting Marlow Pumps in Midland Park, N.J.
Control panel products enhance smooth operations.
New motor starting controller provides one solution.
Efficiency degradation in pumps can be related to three areas.
Magnetic bearing systems represent a different approach from rolling bearings to support rotating machinery, and in recent years, their benefits have attracted attention for more applications.
There are several ways to control two identical, parallel pumps operating under variable frequency control in pumping applications.
Sealing systems found in many industrial applications (even when functioning as intended) can be extremely wasteful of energy.

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