October 2011

Rubber-seated ball valve replacement saves energy, money and downtime.
Mechanically actuated metering pumps improve operational efficiencies and eliminate concerns associated with off-gassing in sodium hypochlorite applications.
The volute serves a simple purpose in radial machinery: to transfer flow from an annular cross section to an exit pipe.
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
How pump demand is increasing in one market.
Dr. Lev Nelik answers pump user questions.
Pressure gauges are a versatile way to monitor pump operation.
Significant energy and money savings are realized when using variable speed motors controlled with drives.
Increased efficiency, higher air handling and fast, automatic priming are provided with new technology.
Water shortages, failing infrastructure, broke governments, a crumbling municipal bond market and the need for high subsidies.
Replacing conveyors with pumps improves efficiency and sanitation in an Ohio wastewater treatment plant.
Insight and reactions to key industry coverage.
Clear guidelines for selecting an appropriate grit pump have long been established, and there are proven pump designs in the market.
Data-driven visibility helps protect industrial processes and motors.
Flow and pressure downstream are important, but inlet pump conditions also require attention during design.
Composites significantly reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and repair costs. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
Energy efficiency may not always mean total efficiency.
Modern trash causes big issues for wastewater collection systems.
Oil quality assessment causes lubrication issues at a refinery.
Millcreek Township connects to neighboring township with a pressure-reducing valve with integral backup.
VFDs replace mechanical devices and PLCs for lead-lag pump control.
Pittsfield, Mass., wastewater treatment facility saves money and shrinks environmental footprint.

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