The project includes initiatives and first-of-its-kind technology that move the plant toward energy independence.
Baseplate failures are often difficult to identify in the field but can be correlated to reoccurring performance issues in mounted equipment.
The right equipment can help with concerns in oil and gas exploration and mining, as well 
as at chemical plants and refineries.
Each adjustable speed drive can find its own set point independently without stressing the entire system.
Modern software provides plants with the data they need to improve reliability while empowering pump operators to make well-informed decisions.
System design and instrumentation decisions can impact the efficiency and maintenance requirements of these pumps in wastewater applications.
End users must consider several factors to ensure the correct pump for their specific needs.
Because of the substantial concentrations of solids that these pumps handle, end users must understand the available sealing options.
While this type of pump is ideal for high-viscosity liquids, it can present users with unique challenges.
Control system upgrades increase safety and reliability.
Flow rates capable of exceeding 108,000 gallons per minute power the FlowRider sheet wave surf pool.
Comprehensive testing revealed unexpected relationships.
These components do not have to be sealed from harsh operating media.
Specialized centrifugal pumps handle liquids with up to 70 percent gases.
The city of Richmond, Canada, selected customized technology to suit the area's unusual requirements.
Diaphragms in pumps and valves isolate liquid from mechanical components. Diaphragm pumps and valves work well in applications with pressures that cause recirculation in centrifugal pumps and...
Modern technology manages water consumption and maximizes efficiency.
Careful planning can save equipment from damage caused by unexpected events.
Understanding the equipment’s operation capabilities and how to calculate the required size is critical.
Understanding the equipment's operation capabilities and how to calculate the required size is critical.
The changing properties of wastewater and other fluids can cause unexpected pump performance.
A compressible design and stop-step feature enhance strength and minimize leakage.
Many positive displacement pumps deliver the same flow rate regardless of the static head.
The addition of a cardan joint helps resolve wear and failure and delivers improved angularity and smooth transmission of radial and axial loads.
Energy efficiency and minimal replacement parts make waste heat desalination a cost-effective solution to potable water making needs.
Heavy, salty pumped fluids can be sealed with a water and buffer system.
Many plants may have a fragmented view of the true factors at work in improving productivity.
North American pump manufacturers and specifiers can benefit from knowledge of European standards.
Magnetic Drive Pumps Versus Canned 
Motor Pumps
The improved design of some mag drive pumps make them an efficient and 
low-maintenance alternative.
In-Valve Metering Reduces Equipment Requirements, Improves Accuracy
This technology is useful in applications where flow meter space is limited.