Once nothing more than science fiction, the technology behind 3-D printing has greatly advanced in the last decade. The fabrication technique has become less costly and more accessible to both...
Internal Clearance & Its Effect on Bearing Fatigue Life
End users must include bearing clearance as an integral part of designing or building a pump.
The Importance of Quality Repairs
Targeted repair and maintenance can lengthen pump life, decrease costs and increase efficiency.
Pump Design for Reduced Costs & Efficiency
A 3-D inverse design method provides better cavitation control and reduces manufacturing costs.
Portable Laser Scanner Technology Reduces Time and Cost
Devices help develop parts and identify problems when replacing turbine components.
Benefits of Smart Pumps in Building HVAC Systems
The ever-growing need for energy efficiency demands intelligent pumping systems.Electrical energy demand is projected to double by 2030, putting the world in the midst of a global energy dilemma. At...
Pump Castings
The most misunderstood, most overlooked and possibly most important pump componentIn the 1950s I encountered pumps for the first time while on a sales call with my father, visiting Marlow Pumps in...
Success Story of the Year 2011: Rockwell Automation & Insyght Systems
Rockwell Automation, Insyght Systems & the city of Hamilton grab the winThe 2011 Success Story of the Year competition has been a huge...success. Thanks so much to all the organizations that...