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Packaged pumping systems are gaining in popularity due to benefits including ease of installation, single source responsibility and streamlined manufacturing.
Positive displacement pumps are used in a myriad of applications across multiple industries. Users have found them to be the solution to many specific pumping challenges; however, due to their size, simplicity and ruggedness, they often are not as well understood as other pump types.
Rotary pumps are available in a broad range of flow and pressure, which is why they are recognized by users as the solution for their specific pumping needs.
A refinery's vertical pump passes the test, verifying its performance before installation.
Computer-aided engineering enables the improvement of pump hydraulic performance in power plants.
Replacing conveyors with pumps improves efficiency and sanitation in an Ohio wastewater treatment plant.
While driving a car with the gas pedal to the floor and then controlling your speed using the brake is obviously inefficient, many facilities use the approach for pump control. Flow control with throt­tling or restrictive devices sacrifices energy efficiency and results in unnecessary costs. However, with an understanding of basic principles, an analysis of the specific application, information about available control solutions and evaluation of technologically advanced equipment, facilities can make a quantum leap in improving the efficiency and econ­omy of pumping operations. pump efficiency
Digitization methods are critical when using pump selection software.
Technical professionals understand a variety of fluid-transfer performance concepts.
A Comparison Between Conventional and Thermodynamic Methods.
Pump Systems Matter (PSM), The Morris County Chamber of Commerce, Schneider Electric and Grundfos are partnering to host a one-day course to help pump users learn how to identify and reduce hidden operating and energy costs. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
I have seen, and I am sure you have too, countless examples of installed pumps that are poor hydraulic fits. These selection mistakes are called off-design pump selections, bad actors, misapplied pumps, etc.
An Arizona mining company and an engineered pump system expert share a mutual understanding of what is needed to improve the electrowinning process that drives the copper mine's operations.
Many times, you may be faced with the decision to use a reciprocating pump or a multi-stage centrifugal pump for a given application.
Have you ever experienced this? The pump that you purchased for one specific performance is placed in service and operates at another point that is completely different from its original design point or BEP.
Solid-body plastic AODD pumps deliver the operational ability required for challenging abrasive-handling applications.
Efficiency degradation in pumps can be related to three areas.
A “stable” curve is important for pump operation, especially for pumps in parallel operation. The higher the energy level and the more critical an installation, the more the pump curve could become an issue.
Composites significantly reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs and repair costs. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
Rockwell Automation, Insyght Systems & the city of Hamilton grab the win.
Plastic pneumatic diaphragm pumps are used widely in chemical, semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications, as well as other industries that require sanitary operating atmospheres.
Reduce downtime and process a higher number of customer orders.
Two part series to analyze a study conducted on a pump restoration project. The restoration consisted of the mechanical refurbishment, sandblasting, application of a metal filler and two coats of epoxy coating.
The diesel exhaust fluid market creates opportunities for pump manufacturers.
Design, vision, technology and a focus on efficiency have shaped the evolution of the pump industry.
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