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Pump executives look toward a positive 2012 for the pump industry.
Back in the old days, level control had little or nothing to do with saving energy. In fact, it was often a necessary evil. Today, that is no longer true - the VFD offers the potential for power savings in lift station applications that range from a few hundred gallons per minute to those that have to move thousands of gallons each minute.
In this multi-part series, we will investigate several aspects of centrifugal pump efficiency.
Why question the PLC? For many, questioning the application of a PLC to the pump station panel is surprising. After all, the pump station panel was once controlled with a range of relays, timers, and other devices - the exact type of application where the PLC has had such success in industrial automation. pump efficiency
The concept of using a positive displacement pump to transfer dewatered biosolids, commonly called sludge cake, is not new.
Experts within the pump industry speculate on the impact of potential government stimulus package.
While scheduled downtime is different from unscheduled, both can take away from a company.
We have just faced the toughest recession of our modern times.
A successful infrared program involves planning and action. This article outlines steps that will help you implement a thermography program.
Follow some little known rules to keep your pumps working at their best for longer.
What's hot and what's not with pumps in the water/wastewater industry.
An analysis of the intelligent pumping market, including the challenges, solutions, future outlook.
An automated monitor provides a live, continuous picture of exactly what is happening inside a turbine for protection, prediction, performance monitoring, and integration of the data with process control.
System optimization, predictive/proactive maintenance, aftermarket services and performance-based contracts are key pump industry trends. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
Hidden but significant opportunities are nestled among bad economic news, and those companies that take the best advantage of the current circumstances will emerge even stronger when the economy begins its inevitable recovery.

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