The History of Pumps: 4,000 Years of Vision, Design and Innovation
Read more about The History of Pumps here. Design, vision, technology and a focus on efficiency have shaped the evolution of the pump industry. The pump is one of civilization's earliest...
Sensors Improve Pump Performance and Provide Protection
Pump monitoring instrumentation is often not included with installations, but proper sensors can protect a pump and help with efficient operation.Pumps of all sizes are used throughout the process...
Motor systems that are designed as entire packages are more reliable and affordable.
Editor's Note: This is the second in a six-part series on centrifugal pump efficiency. For other articles in this series, click here. Early centrifugal pump design was heavily influenced by turbine...
Pumps & Systems, August 2008Progressive maintenance practices are vital to maximize pump life, minimize downtime and avoid costly repairs and lost production. It is good practice to plan the...
Parallel--Not So Parallel--Operation
Using pump system analysis, from simple to the complexMultiple pumps operating in complex systems can be synchronized and controlled by a computer. In this column, I will discuss several simplified...
High-Altitude Mining Challenge
Packaged systems solve pumping difficulties at the Toromocho mine site.
(Jan. 27, 2012) - Registration is now open for the 2012 SWPA Joint Training Seminar in Boston, April 4-5. This event is co-sponsored by Pumps & Systems magazine.The event will include a Controls...
Last of Two Parts In Part One of this series (Pumps & Systems, February 2014), the operating and maintenance costs for pumped systems were isolated. The next steps are to set realistic goals for...
Editor's Note: This is part one of a three part series about variable speed pump selection. To read the next article in the series, click here.When it comes to pressure and flow, variable speed...
Pumps & Systems, May 2008 While complete packaged gas and dry chemical feed systems have been in the water treatment industry for many years, liquid metering pump packaged systems are relatively...
Pumps & Systems, October 2008Low efficiency, high radial loads, noise and vibration become a real problem when pumps operate to the left of the best efficiency point (BEP). Damage to the seal,...
A Big Picture Evaluation Can Produce 
Big Savings
A systems approach to efficiency often reduces production costs.
NEMA 2013 Electric Motor Rulemaking Status Report
By moving most polyphase motors to the Premium Efficiency level, a change could be achieved within two years of the enactment of the federal energy code (CFR10, part 431).
Automatic Optimization Enhances Turbomachinery Design
3-D inverse design provides efficiency benefits.
Low-Voltage Controls Contribute to Optimum Operations
Improve performance in machines and plants.
The Benefits of Digital Pressure Gauges
Monitor and improve pump operation with simple-to-install instrumentation.
Off-BEP Energy Cost
Keeping a close eye on pump efficiency can lead to energy savings.Last month, I discussed the Draw Down calculator and its role in determining the actual operating point of wastewater pumps. Like...
New Optimized Aeration System  Reduces Energy Consumption
A wastewater treatment plant experiences a 65 percent energy savings with the installation of improved equipment.
The proper design of complex submersible wastewater systems depends on many factors for optimization.
Upgrades Maximize Efficiency of 82-Year-Old Refinery Pump
Thorough analysis, testing and upgrades renew the life of an old single-stage, double-suction, horizontal split case pump.
Pump System Efficiency
Focus on efficiency drives savings in energy consumption.
Smart Motor Managers Improve Overall Pump Performance
Equipment and personnel safety and decreased energy costs are just the beginning of the benefits of motor management.
The Next Generation of Pumps
Improve performance through pump design optimization.
Unlock Opportunities to Improve Oversized Pump Efficiency
Walking the system and asking questions before taking measurements is vital.
Establishing an effective pump reliability program can slash costs, make operations safer and provide uptime benefits.
Pumps for Oil & Gas Terminal Transfer
Centrifugal pump technology plays critical role in many oil and gas applications.Significant advancements have occurred in the technology used to identify oil deposits below the Earth’s surface,...
Reliable Pumps for Abrasive Material
Solid-body plastic AODD pumps deliver the operational ability required for challenging abrasive-handling applications.The originator of the epigram, “Laws are like sausages; it’s better not to see...
Hydraulic Institute Pump FAQs May 2012
Q. What are the typical causes of mechanical seal failure in rotodynamic pumps, and what are the possible leakage paths? A.  A mechanical seal is expected to achieve its maximum mean...
Pumps & Systems, September 2008Ensuring your sodium hypochlorite chemical feed system is properly set up and maintained is crucial to effective operation. Failure to address certain issues will...