Biofuel production is one of the fastest growing sectors of the energy industry. To reduce our dependence on finite energy sources such as petroleum fuels and decrease the United States' CO2 emissions, biofuel production is projected to increase by nearly 40 percent, from 6.5 billion gallons per year in 2007 to 9 billion gallons per year in 2008.
Explore the current condition of SCADA reports and some new technology that will improve the quality of those reports.
A Nashville-based hunting club required the flooding of several acres of land. A shallow area approximately 1.5-ft deep needed to be flooded to help attract wild game.
When seal designs are applied to abrasive slurry applications that properly address the five design considerations noted above, mechanical seals can provide very reliable sealing performance.
A successful infrared program involves planning and action. This article outlines steps that will help you implement a thermography program.
Vibration monitoring of rotating equipment and analysis of the resulting data are effective ways to evaluate the health of production machinery in order to achieve best maintenance practices, extend equipment longevity, and avoid unplanned shutdowns. Plant equipment seldom fails without giving signals well in advance, so breakdowns can normally be predicted by listening for the warnings and passing that knowledge on to those in a position to prevent such problems.
An automated monitor provides a live, continuous picture of exactly what is happening inside a turbine for protection, prediction, performance monitoring, and integration of the data with process control.

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