Safety concerns prompt dialogue about customized, certified pumps.
The Lakehaven Utility District achieves chemical cost reductions of 15 to 20 percent.
AODD Pumps & Mining Safety
These pumps meet this industry’s harsh challenges and help minimize the risks to personnel and the environment.
Open-Delta Systems Affect Variable Frequency Drives
To avoid premature drive failure, proper precautions must be taken when installing VFDs on open-delta supplies.
Editor’s Note: The editors of Pumps & Systems spent time with incoming Fluid Sealing Association (FSA) President Greg Raty and FSA Technical Director Pete Petrunich to discuss FSA’s role in...
Anvil International, a manufacturer of pipe fittings, pipe hangers and piping support systems, announced that its University Park, Ill., distribution center has achieved the milestone of 1,000 days...
The Power of Wear Rings Part Three: Safety
Pumps & Systems, May 2011Part One of this series addressed potential reliability improvements from using nonmetallic wear rings with reduced clearance. Part Two evaluated the efficiency gains from...