Due to heat-shrink technology, agitator seal functions failure free for more than a decade.
A major concern of U.S. petroleum refineries and chemical process plants is regulatory compliance.
As we learned last month, carbon/graphite fiber packings have proven to be effective solutions to many common sealing applications.
This discussion opens a three-part series covering mechanical seal piping plans that provide guidelines for various seal arrangements, fluids and control equipment to help you determine what support system requirements will maximize the performance reliability of your application.
Regular care and inspections help prevent costly downtime.
The mechanical seal industry, like the pump industry, will continue to face significant opportunities as well as challenges as we progress further into the globalized 21st century.
EagleBurgmann Develops New Software Tool for a Reliable Pump Commission
In the oil and gas industry, electric submersible pump systems are an effective artificial life method of pumping production fluids to the surface.
Initial costs and life cycle costs affect which sealing method is chosen for an application.
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