September 2010 Issue

Last month, we studied the properties and effects of resistive, inductive and capacitive loads in an AC circuit.
Effective and secure cellular communications for remote data acquisition
The freefall in electric motor sales is a direct effect of the worldwide economic downturn, which has severely depressed industrial and commercial productions.
A low-pressure wastewater disposal alternative offers a cost-saving installation solution for wastewater and raw sewage disposal.
Pumps for GoldCorp’s Minera Penasquito mining project, which became the largest open pit mine in Mexico and a significant contributor to its annual production and profits.
Centrifugal pumps: do they handle slurries, and what is their maximum allowable working pressure?
Non-metallic magnetic driven gear pump technology improves equipment life and maintenance costs for metering and transfer applications.
The peristaltic pump explained—from advancements to maintenance
Due to the delicate nature of the cranberry, pump failure is not an option.
There are many benefits of using liquid polymers in water-treatment applications as long as the blending equipment is able to accommodate their unique characteristics.
Typical operating environments create unique challenges for plant maintenance personnel when meeting their goals of reliably sealing bolted flange connections.
Choosing the right differential pressure flow meter for an application can be challenging. This article outlines the considerations and trade-offs in selecting the optimal technology.
Knowing the basics of pump repair can simplify preventive maintenance.
Sulfur leakage, causing housekeeping and environmental issues in a refinery, was stopped with an innovative seal configuration.
This is the second of a four-part Sealing Sense series that provides guidance on best practices to minimize the size of the sealing system energy footprint.
In this case study, routine maintenance of a condensate pump at a nuclear power plant becomes an emergency situation.

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