The retrofit saves the facility several thousand dollars per year.
A facility in this island nation installed new technologies to meet continuous high water demand without changing the building’s footprint.
Drives with active energy control can save energy and extend motor life for pumping and HVAC loads.
Shifting trends in water use and changing sewage composition cause complex problems for the world’s sewer systems.
A Mississippi River levee, an Indiana water plant and an Ohio municipality take advantage of ease of installation and significant energy savings—as much as $2 million up front.
The digital revolution is rapidly transforming one industry after another. The industrial automation industry was one of the first to experience total transformation as mainframe computers displaced...
Q. When dealing with wastewater treatment pumps, what concerns pertaining to site conditions are relevant? A. The type of pump that can be used depends on the location of installation. These...
VFDs can reduce energy consumption and water loss in variable pumping systems.
Users should consider system changes to comply with the new EISA standard.
In plants that process combustible materials, these motors avoid electrical damage often caused by energy-saving inverters.
Process control software reduces costs while increasing process accuracy and protection.
Additional equipment and built-in technology move these drives into new applications.
Characteristics of Centrifugal Pumps
Head, performance curve and affinity laws all contribute to the efficiency of centrifugal pumps.
Open-Delta Systems Affect Variable Frequency Drives
To avoid premature drive failure, proper precautions must be taken when installing VFDs on open-delta supplies.
Plant Upgrades Improve Efficiency at Midwest Refinery
Equipment and technology improvements can be sound investments.
Over the past 50 years, advances in technology have provided the primary thrust behind the success and evolution of variable-speed drive systems. Here are some considerations for the proper selection...