For more than 100 years, machine parts composed of mechanical carbon have provided an alternative solution in applications where temperature and atmosphere prevent the use of oil-grease lubricants.
What is the secret to continuously baking or processing cakes, pizza, chicken, beer and thousands of other foods and beverages?
Explore some of the issues associated with vertical pump bearings in general, and nonmetallic bearings specifically.
Rolling bearings play vital roles as the hearts of rotating machinery (pumps included) by supporting shafts, locating loads, enabling rotation and reducing friction.
This novel bearing design uses externally pressurized water lubrication to eliminate the source of this potential environmental liability and improve the rotordynamic performance of many types of high and low speed machinery.
Currents are induced on the motor shafts when AC motors are employed with VFDs to drive air pumps, chillwater pumps and compressors in HVAC/R systems. Without a grounding device, these currents typically discharge through the motor bearings, causing frosting, pitting, fusion craters, and fluting.
An unexpected bearing failure needs to be understood and seen as an opportunity for improvements.
Maintenance and repair functions constitute a significant component of pumping system life cycle costs, especially in terms of energy consumption.
The pump is a 300-hp integrally geared propylene product pump in a Gulf Coast olefins unit that operates at 25,000-rpm and produces 6000-ft of head.
For more than 25 years Shock Pulse has proven to be a valuable method for evaluating bearing condition.
How to determine the root cause of bearing failure by analyzing telltale signs.
Rolling element bearings are mechanically complex compared to plain bearings, but are indispensable in a large variety of functions.
Magnetic bearing systems represent a different approach from rolling bearings to support rotating machinery, and in recent years, their benefits have attracted attention for more applications.
Enable the sealless transition with ceramic-matrix composites.
Oil quality assessment causes lubrication issues at a refinery.
Knowing the basics of pump repair can simplify preventive maintenance.
It has been 54 years since Tracy Hall invented the first manmade diamond at the General Electric (GE) laboratories in Schenectady, New York.
We will examine the cousin of a ball bearing-a roller bearing-and some of the pitfalls that occasionally cause hot operation.
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