Achieve pump and motor longevity by providing proper storage, avoiding pre-service damage, and conducting sound handling and maintenance procedures.
At the end of May 2014, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) released the Final Rule that amends the regulation for integral horsepower motors. Until the rule takes effect June 1, 2016, motor...
Users should consider system changes to comply with the new EISA standard.
To ensure the best system setup, end users must first consider operating conditions, then conduct thorough cost-benefit calculations.
In plants that process combustible materials, these motors avoid electrical damage often caused by energy-saving inverters.
Process control software reduces costs while increasing process accuracy and protection.
The Chinese government is promoting greater automation and optimization of processes to improve the energy utilization rate.
Protecting these two components can lead to longer equipment life.
This motor material provides an improved total cost of ownership for the food and beverage industry.
Consider more than the efficiency rating to select the most cost-effective system for the pumping application.
Pumping packages that use a diesel oxidation catalyst can minimize cost, maintenance and equipment downtime.
Protecting these two components can lead to longer equipment life.
Bladder pressure tanks and irrigation systems are prime examples of how lead-lag systems, complete with motor controls, can meet high demand and reduce equipment wear.
The Integral Horsepower Motor Rule will take effect June 1, 2016.
Motor systems that are designed as entire packages are more reliable and affordable.
In food processing, these motors are an ideal choice for long life 
and dependable safety.
Additional equipment and built-in technology move these drives into new applications.
Baldor Electric Company hosted its Fundamentals of Motors class, Dec. 1-3, to educate industry veterans and novices alike on everything motor-related, from basic parts and components to calculating...
Reduced downtime is an added benefit of sustainable procedures.
Enhanced diagnostics provide critical data for reliable, efficient operations.
I hope that my last column (Pumps & Systems, September 2014) provided a clearer definition of power factor and how it can be calculated. Power factor can also be explained using a vector triangle, but...
Discharges flowing through the bearings put motors at risk.
Q. Are the pump motors special for VFD operation or can any motor be used with a VFD? A. Yes. Today there are special motors that are rated to be used with a VFD. They are commonly called...
The Benton/Washington Regional Public Water Authority saved on energy costs and gave dependable service to its customers after replacement.
Revisiting the fundamentals of data examination, time and resolution can solve equipment issues before they happen.
Power factor (PF) is an important component of an alternating current (AC) circuit, but understanding its actual effect can be difficult. Why is PF mysterious to many of us? It has to do with the way...
In my July 2014 column, I demonstrated that three-phase voltage variation can significantly affect several alternating current (AC) motor characteristics. If that variation is large, it can also...
How do end users choose, and what are each type’s ideal applications?
Trusted gateway connections allow for system growth, efficiency and consistent maintenance at Swedish paper mill.
In my June column on pump and motor testing, I said that three-phase voltage variation and unbalance can have a significant effect on motor insulation life. Voltage variation is defined as the...