Peristaltic Pumps

To improve the operation of traditional peristaltic pumps, Larox Flowsys created the LPP eccentric roller peristaltic pump.
Drug development today is largely focused on biopharmaceuticals rather than chemicals, so the resultant drugs tend to be injectable liquids instead of solids.
The peristaltic pump explained—from advancements to maintenance
South Coast Water District (SCWD) provides water to more than 40,000 residents and two million visitors a year in the coastal communities of southern Orange County, California.
New technology offers accurate metering without valves or ancillary equipment.
Benefits and disadvantages of peristaltic pumps.
An efficient and accurate method of pumping fluoride into a municipal water treatment distribution system.
Simple maintenance and the ability to clean in place give peristaltic pumps an advantage.
As peristaltic pumps are true positive displacement pumps, they will deliver a consistent flow rate as the discharge pressures vary.
Given the choice, industrial pumps would not want to be used in the environmental and geotechnical drilling industry.
Nashua, N.H., is one of many U.S. cities and municipalities selecting peristaltic pumps over other technologies.
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