Progressing Cavity

With economic problems and concerns about the environment, one project in Ohio plans to help both issues.
Enterprising biosolids pump manufacturers are finding abundant new opportunities in the biosolids segment.
Combined system overflows (CSO) put a significant toll on the Great Lakes.
The concept of using a positive displacement pump to transfer dewatered biosolids, commonly called sludge cake, is not new.
Artificial lift technology selection is highly dependent on the conditions of the wellbore and the specific application parameters of a given well. pump system optimization.
This month, we explore progressive cavity (PC) pumps, which belong to a class of rotary positive displacement pumps.
A spiral rotor and even-wall stator improve pumping pressure and flow.
Replacing conveyors with pumps improves efficiency and sanitation in an Ohio wastewater treatment plant.
Since the introduction of progressive cavity (PC) pumps (see Figure 1) many years ago, stator maintenance has been a concern of plant operators and maintenance personnel.
Natural gas is a clean-burning energy source well suited as a boiler fuel, vehicle fuel, and heating residences as well as large structures.
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