Pumps in the Global Power Generation Industry
The global, growing demand for power has softened the impact of the recent recession on the power generation sector. Going forward, this growth is expected to reach significant proportions, as...
Tourists enjoy 30 tons of fresh snow daily at Ski Dubai, thanks to 24 end-suction pumps and a sophisticated cooling system.
Centrifugal pumps often experience repeat failures. Maintenance and reliability professionals are charged with preventing them. This four-part series explains the reasons behind repeat pump failures...
Industry leaders focus on talent acquisition and retention as the manufacturing sector grows.
Reduce Environmental Impact Through Hydraulic Fluid Selection
Choose a product that protects, extends equipment life and meets environmental needs.There is an increasing awareness of the connection between industrial companies and their influence on the...
Pumps & Systems, April 2007Once upon a time, in power plant fuel oil transfer and injection services, it was difficult to justify replacing twin screw timed pumps when maintenance was already...
An Indiana refinery used reverse engineering to solve multiple challenges with one custom pump.
Q. What is a regenerative turbine pump? A. Regenerative turbine pumps are characterized by a low flow rate and high head. They use peripheral or side channel vanes or buckets that are manufactured...
Renewable Power with Rotary Lobe Pumps
This pump, used as a turbine, converts reduced pressure energy to electricity.
Repair and Renewal Offer Fast Turnaround and Cost Savings
A "temporary" repair results in five years of service.Five years ago, an engineered pump service center in the Midwest received a call from a large municipal sanitary district. One of the company's...
Pumps & Systems, April 2007A well-engineered and properly installed submersible pump or dry-pit pump is one of the most reliable and trouble-free components of any water or wastewater pumping...
Improvement the result of fixing a 20-year design flaw in a turbine-driven coker charge pump.
Pumps & Systems, June 2008With large-scale consolidations of OEMs in the pump industry and the closure of foundries in North America, advanced non-OEM pump rebuild shops have emerged that offer...
Resonant Frequencies
Last of Two Parts
Resonant Frequencies
From vertical pump rotors to bacteria, resonance has similar effects.
Pumps & Systems, February 2009If you think hydraulic theory can be a tricky subject, consider the contemporary branch of physics known as string theory. It attempts to explain all of the...
Xylem assists in flood relief efforts by deploying dewatering pumps across the state.
Careful planning can save equipment from damage caused by unexpected events.
Reverse Engineering of a Vertical Pump Suction Bowl
The pump was returned to service at a nuclear power plant after reverse engineering of an unavailable part and complete pump testing.
Current technology provides upgrades to conventional methods and guidelines.
Safe Quality Food Standards
A paperless initiative at a Wisconsin cheese processor streamlines data management.
Sand Mine Increases Production Life of Its Mining Operations
A booster pump equipped with an 800-horsepower, alternating-current motor and variable speed drive efficiently powers and controls a slurry pump.
Diaphragm replacement developments decrease the risk of contamination.
Coal-burning power plants can expect higher returns by installing pinch valves in emissions scrubbers.
It is no revelation that maximizing equipment life directly impacts the bottom line. When it comes to profitability, every dollar saved on equipment maintenance is a dollar earned.Prelube pumps move...
Longer pump life at a Canadian wastewater treatment plant leads to a broader water quality project.
Screw Pumps for Heavy Fuel Oil Conditioning
Magnetic-coupled, hermetically-sealed screw pumps solve marine booster pumps seal leakage problem. Screw pump failure in marine fuel oil conditioning systems is one of the most frequent incidents...
These pumps provide the strong suction, wear compensation and product containment required when moving these dangerous chemicals.
Pumps and Systems, June 2009Water is an essential substance to sustain life and one of the most valuable resources a nation can possess. Most of what is available, however, is of little use in its...
Traditional throughlet measurements are an inefficient, outdated benchmark for measuring clog resistance.