I am having a tough time finding pump manufacturers who offer NSF certified pumps. It sounds simple enough at face value but many searches and conversations have been futile. Maybe you know of a few possible suppliers.
Keeping a close eye on pump efficiency can lead to energy savings.
If most of the attachment boundary were along the short edge of the plate, the natural frequency of resonance would be somewhat less than if the plate were attached mostly along the wide edge.
How open impellers are less efficient than enclosed impellers
Initial purchase price is a small fraction of the TCO.
Water shortages, failing infrastructure, broke governments, a crumbling municipal bond market and the need for high subsidies.
Fluid handling requirements and methods in the biopharm industry are in transition.
Operations and Maintenance Manuals aren't enough; end users need Owner's Manuals.
Research and referrals help to choose the best package for the application. pump system optimization
Using pump system analysis, from simple to the complex
Positive displacement pumps are known as the poor cousin in the global pumps market.
Adjustable frequency drives for improved energy efficiency and 
parallel, multiphase pumps

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