Rotary Pumps

A paint and coatings plant that produces both cationic paste with pigments and cationic binders without pigments for truck shipment to automotive OEMs was experiencing difficulties when transferring the compounds from mobile tanks to trucks.
Open a magazine or turn on the television today and renewable or green energy will likely be a topic of discussion.
When assessing the vast chemical industry, it is usually not advisable to deal in generalities.
Biofuel production is one of the fastest growing sectors of the energy industry. To reduce our dependence on finite energy sources such as petroleum fuels and decrease the United States' CO2 emissions, biofuel production is projected to increase by nearly 40 percent, from 6.5 billion gallons per year in 2007 to 9 billion gallons per year in 2008.
Without question, liquid storage terminals play an integral part in the ongoing success and relevance of a wide array of industries worldwide.
Most three screw pumps are of the single suction design, but very large flow pumps are double suction.
Organizations affected by regulatory requirements to remove lead from pipes, faucets and plumbing fixtures are likely well-down the path of investigating material options to adhere to new legislation.
Rotary screw pumps have existed for many years and are manufactured around the world. More demanding service requirements impose challenges on screw pump manufacturers to provide higher pressure or flow capability, better wear resistance, improved corrosion resistance, improved efficiencies and lower leakage emissions. pump efficiency
As applied to nuclear processes, balanced impellers are critical when pumping cooling liquids such as titanium dioxide saturated with helium gas. Gaseous liquids are highly unstable and can lead to "micro-cavitation."
High energy prices pose an unprecedented profit-robbing threat to every manufacturing operation, large or small.
Q. Our office building has a pump room in the basement, which causes sufficient noise to be bothersome to the people in the office above it. What can be done to reduce the noise?
Multiple pumps, the effects of the viscosity of a pumped liquid on the Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHR)and zero flow rate protection for air-operated pumps are discussed.
Q. What is a jet pump? I do not see any reference to it in your standards and would like to learn more about it.
Q. Simplicity and low cost make rotary pumps a good choice for some applications. Is there a simple guide to the maximum flow rate and discharge pressure for which such pumps can be used?
Q. What is a free standing baseplate and when should it be used? Are there any special design requirements?
Hidden but significant opportunities are nestled among bad economic news, and those companies that take the best advantage of the current circumstances will emerge even stronger when the economy begins its inevitable recovery.
Sealless magnetically-coupled (mag-drive) pumps are found throughout the process industries for a variety of hazardous liquids.
For the non-expert in pump technology, selecting the most appropriate pump technology for a specific application or process system can be challenging because.
At their simplest, metering pumps are used to inject liquids at precisely controlled, adjustable flow rates, which is a process called metering.
A wide range of metering pumps has been developed to fit the diverse applications in process engineering.
By most definitions, metering pumps handle small or low flow volumes that are precisely dispensed at pre-set intervals.
Non-metallic magnetic driven gear pump technology improves equipment life and maintenance costs for metering and transfer applications.
Europe is predominantly bound by regulations directed towards improving standards and quality and being green.

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