Dahlonega, Ga. (Feb. 1, 2012)

Beta testing begins for AgeAlert™ condition monitoring sensors for motors and generators, which provide real time data on the current condition of the insulation system.

“Most insulation degradation monitors merely ‘infer’ the state of the insulation by checking various symptoms of aging,” says Ken Watkins, president of Polymer Aging Concepts. “Our new AgeAlert sensor is the only one I know of that actually tracks the insulation’s condition automatically and real time. In addition, AgeAlert is quite easy to use.”

AgeAlert sensors track the age or degradation of the insulation based on actual operational and environmental conditions. The AgeAlert sensors help predict failure in advance and reduce unplanned malfunctions of motors and generators.

AgeAlert has been developed by Polymer Aging Concepts, Inc. working in concert with Georgia Tech and major industrial equipment suppliers. The extensive R&D effort promises similar revolutionary predictive monitors for other applications in the future.

Polymer Aging Concepts, Inc., a Dahlonega, Georgia company incorporated in 2003 to conduct R&D on a new sensor technology, moved to its present facility in 2008. The company employs five full-time workers and several students from the nearby North Georgia College and State University. Polymer Aging Concepts, Inc. holds three US patents on the AgeAlert technology; five other US and foreign patents are pending. AgeAlert will be the first product introduced by Polymer Aging Concepts.