Targeted repair and maintenance can lengthen pump life, decrease costs and increase efficiency.
by Shelby Trahan

The savings for a 10-year period (10 years is used because that is how long the repaired solutions lasted until replaced during the station renovation) were calculated using the information to the right:
Annual repair cost = $3,500
Time period = 10 years
One-time upgrade cost = $16,000

Cost of continued repairs = $3,500 x 10 years = $35,000
Single quality repair: $16,000
$35,000 – $16,000 = $19,000 (the cost savings)

The upgrade proves to be the better choice with a cost saving of about $19,000. Cost savings aside, confidence in pump performance is a value that is hard to measure. Assurance that pumps will function properly and consistently allows operators to focus on other responsibilities with less distraction caused by repeated repairs.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance
When rotating equipment fails, 70 to 80 percent is a result of human error—whether from lack of training, operational error or improper routine maintenance. To optimize the life of the pump, all components within a pump system require regular and efficient service.

If a repair is needed because of operational error, the issue must be addressed with education. No matter the integrity of the repair, if equipment is improperly cared for, breakdowns and failures will persist.

With proper maintenance support, a repair that solves the root cause of the failure and ensures that all components work together for an optimized pump system will lengthen pump life, decrease costs and increase efficiency.