by Curtis Dietzsch, Wilden Pump & Engineering, LLC

This EMS was designed with simplicity of operation in mind and with an eye toward reduced maintenance costs and their associated headaches. While some ADS models can contain as many as 103 parts, this system has just 34 parts, allowing for a more streamlined troubleshooting and maintenance process.

The Goal of Optimization

In these days of shrinking budgets and under-threat bottom lines, finding the most efficient way to run a manufacturing operation is important. One way that savvy facility managers are accomplishing this is through the use of AODD pumps that feature optimized ADS systems. 

The best system can only operate at its utmost efficiency if the operator is willing to take the time to find the sweet spot in its operational curve. With this in mind, the simplest, most effective way for plant operators to find the perfect marriage between optimal flow rate and the most efficient use of air in their AODD pumps is to embrace and use the most beneficial features of their ADS technology.