Tank Chemical Feed Systems

Tanks are constructed of steel, stainless steel, and polyethylene, and are often available with the pumps and mixers mounted, plumbed, and ready for installation.

Strainers/Sludge Traps

A metering pump's check valves should be protected from particles and debris by installing a strainer in the suction line. When pumping concentrated sulfuric acid, a sludge trap is required to trap sludge particles while providing easy cleaning or flushing. Foot valves and strainers can be used for applications that pump fluid from replaceable drums. "Y" type strainers are sometimes used for inline protection in systems.

Chemical Dosing Systems

A typical chemical dosing pre-engineered system provides manual control and all accessories to allow for proper operation. Other systems can pace the dosing from a single input or use a line of instruments to provide a full closed-loop solution.


Water quality meters can be used as standalone products or in conjunction with a chemical dosing system. Water quality, including pH, ORP, chlorine residuals, DO (dissolved oxygen), and other necessary water quality measurements, should be measured.

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