Sunlight energy would be used better, with solar panels, and special bacteria growing methods will advance even further, to make us less energy dependent, and more efficient.

It is difficult to tell, how the world will look in 20 years. However, if we do not try to imagine it today, we may find ourselves unprepared in the future. Perhaps the time to plan or at least talk about it, is now. We would like to hear input from our readers,, and we welcome any additional ideas, challenges or thoughts that you may have.

Pumps & Systems, September 2010

Dr. Nelik (aka "Dr. Pump") is president of Pumping Machinery, LLC, an Atlanta-based firm specializing in pump consulting, training, equipment troubleshooting and pump repairs. Dr. Nelik has 30 years experience in pumps and pumping equipment.

Chris Staud, Engineering, Wastewater Group, Atlanta, Ga.