Lev Nelik September 2018
Unless a brand new plant is being designed, users decide to replace a pump because of its age and wear or persistent reliability issues.
Jim Elsey September 2018
This is the third article in a five-part series. Read the first part of the series here and the second part of the series here.
Lev Nelik August 2018
Proper lubrication is a key to long, trouble-free life of centrifugal pump bearings. In recent years, the issue of lubrication has received renewed attention from pump users in chemical plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries and other industries.
Jim Elsey August 2018
This is the second article in a five-part series. Read the first part of the series here.
Ray Hardee August 2018
Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a series. Part 1, in Pumps & Systems, July 2018, introduced developing a model for process safety management (PSM).
Lev Nelik July 2018
I have received a lot of feedback from our readers on Part 1 of this article from the May issue of Pumps & Systems. One reader writes:
Jim Elsey July 2018
Mistakes with respect to NPSH calculations and available (NPSHa) calculations are all too frequent and expensive to correct. This 5 part series from Jim Elsey will teach you what you need to know for npsh calculation.
Ray Hardee July 2018
Working with chemicals can pose a host of dangers. Those in the process industries must take every step possible to protect employees and others from hazardous conditions.
Jim Elsey June 2018
Pumps are stupid. A centrifugal pump is simply a machine, where for a given set of fluid properties, impeller geometry and operating speed it will react to the system in which it is installed.
Jeff Sines June 2018
Since the motor performance defines the amount of shaft power developed as a function of shaft speed, the pump’s power curve is the motor’s power curve.
Ray Hardee May 2018
In this column, we will look at ways to measure the flow rate within a piping system without the expense of the custody transfer meters or the complexity of a flow control loop.
Jim Elsey May 2018
Non-Newtonian fluids dilating and thixotropic fluids and are more challenging to pump.
Jim Elsey April 2018
Calculating NPSHr and NPSHa can prevent the pumped fluid's pressure dropping below its vapor pressure and causing cavitation.
Ray Hardee April 2018
Proper pipeline sizing helps pump water faster, more economically and more efficiently, which ultimately extends the life of the pump and improves the entire operation.
Jim Elsey February 2018
In addition to my monthly column “Common Pumping Mistakes” the Pumps & Systems editors have asked me to write an article on the common ways that the systems can also reach out and bite you.