Are you ready for 2017?

From new political leaders taking office, to the ongoing evolution of technological advancements that are improving the way machines and end users operate, to the development of regulations affecting the equipment that is used daily, change remains a critical factor for the pump industry in 2017. This State of the Industry issue of Pumps & Systems spotlights the important challenges impacting all facets of the business. More than 30 managers and leaders from companies representing a cross section of the pumps and related markets provided their valuable insight into what 2017 could bring to the business landscape. There is no doubt that operations will continue to integrate smart technology, which will improve efficiencies by delivering real-time data for analysis. Speculation is rampant about what will happen to the oil and gas market in 2017. Changes in the political environment, not only in the U.S. but also in Europe and elsewhere, are raising questions in the industry as well. Additionally, companies are preparing for a surge of retirements involving longtime, experienced and highly valuable workers in the coming years. The Pumps & Systems editorial team remains dedicated to addressing the important subjects that impact readers by showcasing informative, educational articles within the magazine’s pages each month and online every day. The tagline, “The Leading Magazine for Pump Users Worldwide,” represents a commitment by Pumps & Systems to our readers.

State of the Industry Articles:

9 Critical Questions about Pump Industry Regulations in 2017
Michael Michaud, executive director of the Hydraulic Institute, spoke with Pumps & Systems about how end users can prepare for new Department of Energy rules and policies.

Preparing Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Challenges
With large numbers of people retiring in the coming years, the industry is emphasizing training opportunities more than ever.

6 Global Factors Affecting the Pump Market in 2017
Many of these factors relate to the ongoing instability in various parts of Europe, but in today’s interconnected global economy, innumerable current events and trends can impact the marketplace.

Let’s Talk About 2017
More than 30 industry leaders answered key questions about the pump marketplace in 2017. The Pumps & Systems editorial team selected excerpts from their responses to help you prepare for the new year.