Mechanical Seals

Due to heat-shrink technology, agitator seal functions failure free for more than a decade.
This discussion opens a three-part series covering mechanical seal piping plans that provide guidelines for various seal arrangements, fluids and control equipment to help you determine what support system requirements will maximize the performance reliability of your application.
Advances in diamond are bringing the well-known properties of the world's hardest material to mechanical shaft seals. Diamond has long been sought after as a seal face material because of its unsurpassed hardness, high thermal conductivity, chemical inertness and low friction. Due to the processing limitations of synthetic diamond, however, early applications were relegated to abrasives and tooling that do not require the same high quality surface finishes and tolerances as those found in mechanical shaft seals.
The mechanical seal industry, like the pump industry, will continue to face significant opportunities as well as challenges as we progress further into the globalized 21st century.
The amount of product pumped per unit of energy used would be considered a direct measure of efficiency.
Since metal bellows products vary greatly in what they are able to offer, it is important to understand the benefits and trade-offs as they apply to your particular operation. Be sure to review your applications and select the metal bellows seal best suited to help you extend meantime between repair, standardize inventory and increase reliability.
Using an evaluation and selection process, plant operators have been able to increase their mean time between repairs (MTBR) from less than one year to more than three years.
Initial costs and life cycle costs affect which sealing method is chosen for an application.
All three API Plan 53 versions are intended to isolate the pumped product from the atmosphere and create a favorable artificial environment for the mechanical seal.
Why are mechanical seals still the preferred choice in the process industries?
Magnetic bearings have the advantage of non-contacting, super-low friction performance.
Modular seal designs do not lessen the need for proper selection of the core seal whether it is a single or dual, unbalanced or dual balanced, ID or OD pressurized, pusher or non-pusher, rotating head or seat and so on.
Two imperatives for many of today's industrial plants are to reduce the cost of operations through the enhancement of rotating equipment reliability and enhanced energy efficiency of pumping systems.
These graphite-loaded silicon carbide materials have been around for several years, and new applications are regularly identified.
The March 2009 Sealing Sense concluded that pipe strain can cause failure of the packing or mechanical seal since they are both sensitive to misalignments introduced by pipe strain.
Five performance factors affect the life of a mechanical seal and guide the determination of an optimum replacement cycle for that seal.
Due to superior adhesion and other advancements, diamond coating technology is today being used in a wide range of sealing applications.
Find out why level controls can fail in municipal wastewater treatment plants and similar systems and what technologies are available to combat failure.
Frost & Sullivan estimates the total North American mechanical seals market revenues at $992.4.0 million in 2008.
Mechanical seal failures are usually the symptom and not the cause of maintenance problems, many of which are related to static misalignment. In operation, other forces such as radial loads, impeller balance and cavitation also affect seal alignment.
The introduction of the new series of standards for active pharmaceutical ingredients contributes to the pharmaceutical industry's efforts to improve the economy and efficiency of the entire manufacturing process and maintain the strict requirements of hygienic design and cleanability throughout their production process.
Sulfur leakage, causing housekeeping and environmental issues in a refinery, was stopped with an innovative seal configuration.

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