Main oil pump hydraulic geometry was the root cause of numerous false turbine/generator overspeed trips.
One of the major impacts on motor life is common sense—or maybe the lack thereof!
Determining which pumps and their associated systems to assess. pump system optimization, pump efficiency
About 900 years before Newton formulated his universal gravitational theory, the Greek philosopher Aristotle espoused something different.
An explanation of trench-type wet wells
Many pipeline systems throughout the U.S. are in need of maintenance, but this maintenance is often pushed back because there is no way to properly shut down the system.
With continuously increasing energy costs, pump manufacturers must provide energy efficient solutions for fluid transfer.
Two decades ago, EST Associates, Inc. started operations in Needham, Mass., to provide the New England area with environmental sampling and related monitoring services.
Soils with high concentrations of clay and silt can wreak havoc on construction sites, drain pipes, sewers and pumps.
Harrington Industrial Plastics Acquires the Assets of ProTec Construction Services & Supply in Texas.
Pipe supports and piping that are not insulated may become brittle and crack, posing high risk to the piping and structural components.
Last month, we discussed applications of low head axial flow pumps.
Discharge recirculation, pipe strains and gas entrained in a liquid are discussed.
HI answers your frequently asked questions
Corrosive, aggressive soil had eaten through a 35 year old ductile iron pipeline in the Port of Tampa area, causing a multitude of leaks that could not be repaired.
Reducing the causes of friction and choosing the proper pump will increase efficiency and cost-savings.
Polyurethane coating technology is commonly chosen for demanding exterior applications such as bridges, stadiums and other large structures.
Have you ever wondered why the pressure exerted by a column of liquid has absolutely nothing to do with its volume or, for that matter, the geometric shape of its container?
Consider a typical ANSI-dimensioned 1x1.5-6 pump, as discussed in the P&S August article.

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