In the United States, several long distance pipelines move gasoline from the refineries in the Southwest to the coastal areas in the Northeast.
The siphon is an example of a natural and extremely simple machine that we take advantage of daily.
We will start with the basic formulas to calculate the velocity through the pipe of a given inside diameter D, and flow, Q.
Materials expand when heated and contract when cooled.
There are three primary sources of air in a pipeline.
How many gallons per minute are REALLY flowing out of that pump?
Infrastructure is in the headlines again thanks to the Obama Administration and its strategy to help create jobs by rebuilding the nation's roads, bridges and water systems.
In today's economy, many companies explore options to reduce energy consumption.
If any silver linings exist for the economic crisis, one is the heightened public and governmental awareness about the nation's need for infrastructure improvements.
With production time and cash flow at an all time premium, more companies are looking for time and cost saving alternatives to replacing slightly damaged assets.
New heat activated epoxy-based materials are now being used to repair leaking and corroded pipe work when operations are unable to shut down.

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