Achieving unity power factor through the use of synchronous condensers can be a win-win situation for power utilities and consumers.
Water scarcity presents a serious challenge to individuals, communities and industries around the world. The statistics are startling: Water demand exceeds supply in regions that are home to more than...
Q. What is NPSH3, and what are the methods for determining the NPSH3 of a rotodynamic submersible pump? A. NPSH3 is the net positive suction head available to a pump under test at a constant rate...
The positive displacement technology handles backpressure fluctuations, cavitation and air entrainment.
This type of equipment may be ideal for power plant water-handling operations that require ferric sulfate and sulfuric acid.
A properly structured and managed program can enable large sites with vast numbers of assets to increase productivity while maintaining a plant’s long-term reliability.
Temperatures, altitude and humidity can cause problems that may surprise unprepared users.
In the remote Libyan desert, an oil and gas producer reduced diesel transport costs and accident risks by upgrading their power plant.
The resistant bearings guarantee consistent power supply by overcoming abrasive materials in glacier runoff and river debris.
How can pump manufacturers get involved in the country's rapid push to increase power generation capacity?
Safety concerns have prompted dialogues between plant operators and manufacturers on customized, certified pumps.
Safety concerns prompt dialogue about customized, certified pumps.
Maintenance services add value for renewable energy sources.
Coal-burning power plants can expect higher returns by installing pinch valves in emissions scrubbers.
Sophisticated asset monitoring systems provide benefits including cost savings, longer equipment life span and production assurance.
Reduce high vibration and increase reliability with CST gear motor technology in power generation applications.
KSB's facility in Frankenthal, Germany produces 85,000 standard centrifugal pumps per year.
KSB's developed the SALINO system after hearing a desire for energy and space savings from end users. Capable of producing 60,000 gallons of fresh water per day, the product is currently in field...
KSB's SALINO Pressure Center is a low energy, 4-in-1 technology for use in the oil & gas, hotels & resorts and marine industries.
Pumps & Systems talks with Klaus Barmann about the history of KSB.
The Pumps & Systems on Tour project continues at KSB in Frankenthal, Germany on June 5, 2013.
RADOLFZELL, Germany (Jan. 31, 2013) – Colfax Fluid Handling, a business of Colfax Corporation, has received an order to deliver 21 of its Allweiler screw pumps valued at more than EUR 300,000 for a...
SAN DIEGO (Jan. 30, 2013) – GE Grid Automation and Systems Control, a GE customer, have signed a letter of intent to form a strategic relationship designed to provide utility and industrial...
WINTERTHUR, Switzerland (Dec. 19, 2012) – Sulzer Metco announces the completion of the acquisition of Russian company, Protective Coatings LLC, formerly SP Technicord LLC, as of Dec. 18, 2012. With...
While global energy demand fuels source diversification, coal is still king.
Proven concepts together with new technologies battle the energy crisis.
MIDDLETOWN, Pa. (June 20, 2012) – Phoenix Contact celebrated the grand opening of its new Customer and Technology Center in Ann Arbor, Mich. Top company officials from the U.S. and Germany welcomed...
SAN MARCOS, Texas (May 23, 2012) – In April, Thermon Group Holdings, Inc., opened a new manufacturing building at its primary production facility in San Marcos, Texas. The expansion was completed...
Pumps in Global Power Generation
Pump sales will increase as developing nations expand production to meet demand. While many variables affect the dynamics in global power generation, four major trends drive notable growth...