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In the Solution to Pump Challenge #3, we touched on efficiency and energy savings by approximating energy costs. Can we do this more precisely?
In Pump Challenge #3 (Pumping Prescriptions, September 2009), the specified parameters for energy estimation were 4,000 gpm and 400 ft.
In Pump Challenge #4, many of you discovered while using the Energy Consumption Evaluator, that the standard listing only goes to 8x6-17 pump size with motor power maxed at 250 hp.
Keep pipes and pumps aligned to keep your pumps working longer.
Many people feel that all pump vibrations are bad, but is this a fact or only what we think is true?
Most three screw pumps are of the single suction design, but very large flow pumps are double suction.
This month, we explore progressive cavity (PC) pumps, which belong to a class of rotary positive displacement pumps.
Positive Displacement (PD) pump world, subdivided into pumps that operate on the linear motion principle (pistons, for example), or rotary motion, such as gear and lobe pumps.
A few years ago, Corbin Spitzer from Spitzer Associates (Houston, Texas) correctly challenged a view in my article "10 Steps to Proper Alignment" (Pumping Prescriptions, October 2005).
For a quick estimate of pump head in the field, the discharge pressure gauge is read.
Last month, we discussed applications of low head axial flow pumps.
How viscosity affects centrifugal pumps
Using pump system analysis, from simple to the complex

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