Centrifugal Pumps

Home to the largest contiguous cotton-growing region in the world and encompassing more than 115 square miles, Lubbock is the economic, education and health care hub of the South Plains of Texas.
Introduced to the market on June 8, 2009, the Multi-Stage CR-H provides a retrofit option for industrial users of traditional ANSI pumps.
In the Solution to Pump Challenge #3, we touched on efficiency and energy savings by approximating energy costs. Can we do this more precisely?
Several years ago, a golf course community wanted to adorn its entrance with a waterfall.
In Pump Challenge #3 (Pumping Prescriptions, September 2009), the specified parameters for energy estimation were 4,000 gpm and 400 ft.
In Pump Challenge #4, many of you discovered while using the Energy Consumption Evaluator, that the standard listing only goes to 8x6-17 pump size with motor power maxed at 250 hp.
I was recently invited to visit a petrochemical facility. Management claimed the facility had an average mean time between repairs (MTBR) of more than eight years.
Carver Pump cuts design times and increases product line growth.
A Simplified Method for Monitoring Pump Performance
Tests show that solid-body plastic pumps are the best choice for oscillating applications.
If a centrifugal pump is started with the discharge valve open too far and with a low discharge pressure, the liquid in the suction line may accelerate at a rate that causes the suction pressure to drop below vapor pressure.
As energy costs rise and energy efficiency becomes more important in operating pumping systems.
BEP is also the point at which a pump is least prone to failure and its life expectancy is greatest. In other words, it is also a pump's best operating point (BOP).
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