Vertical Turbine Pumps

Pump stations are an integral part of wastewater collection and treatment systems.
A critical phase in the design and construction of a pumping station is a witnessed pump performance test at the manufacturer's facility.
Detuning devices solve high vibration problems in power station water circulating pumps.
Water hammer is an increase in pressure due to rapid changes in the velocity of a liquid flowing through a pipeline.
HI answers your frequently asked questions.
What is the definition of specific speed, to what does it pertain and how is it used?
The reliability of this pumping station had to be improved to keep up with demand and prevent service outage.
Potential vertical turbine pump vibration problems were avoided through design-stage finite element analysis.
Standards for repair will begin with a standard for vertical turbine pumps.The pump industry is undergoing renewed interest in the technical aspects and quality of repairs.
Vertical turbine pumps provide reclaimed water to mines in South America’s deserts.
How repair standards should be evolving
Basically, a repair is the simplest, least-involved way of "fixing" a pump, typically caused by a non-recurring accidental event, such as a broken shaft, failed seal, and so on. An overhaul is more involved.
Designing a New Pump for a Water Resources Pumping Plant.
How long should a vertical pump’s suction bell last? That was a question a plant manager asked me during a recent consulting assignment for a power plant.
A new vertical turbine cooling water pump should last 15 to 25 years between repairs if the water is relatively clean and if it is operated near BEP point, with few stops and starts.
With its 40,000-kW (53,640-hp) drive rating, the CHTA 140/5 feed pump in the Niederaussem lignite-fired power station near Cologne is one of the two largest feed pumps ever built.
Acquiring the massive amounts of water required for arid, Latin America mining operations is a constant challenge.
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