Elastomeric polymer materials provide mechanical strength and self-lubricating properties required in challenging settings.
Evaluate properties of rubber during installation & seal life.
Over-tightening, excessive speed and improper installation can cause a system to falter.
Update: Advancing computational technologies for mechanical seal analysis.
LPS technology uses static field of injectable sealant and separate air flush.
Consider updating to bearing protectors and cartridge seals.
System saves cost and time during hot summer months.
Flexible graphite and PTFE are commonly used in cryogenic sealing.
How to seal rotating shafts for low temperature to cryogenic fluids.
Why rubber is the best choice for reducing problems.
Low torqueing loads, inadequate equipment selection or faulty installation could be to blame.
Seal failure is often a symptom of an underlying problem within the pump.
Learn the distinctions between ISO 15848-1 and API 641