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The industry faced a lot of changes last year, but our authors, partners and team bringing you fresh technical and newsworthy content remains a constant. Thank you for joining us in 2016 to read the articles below and so many more. We hope you'll stick with us in 2017 to get even more insights from leaders in the industry. Below are the most popular articles on in 2016.

10. Valve Stem Packing Compression & Installation

It all comes down to proper installation with precisely the right material.
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9. Understanding Pump Curves

Columist Jim Elsey explains "drooping curves" and what that means for your system.
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8. Obtain Maximum Bearing Life & Performance

Achieve pump and motor longevity by providing proper storage, avoiding pre-service damage, and conducting sound handling and maintenance procedures.
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7. Western Hemisphere's Largest Seawater Desalination Plant Open for Business

The Claude 'Bud' Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant in Southern California uses reverse osmosis to produce more than 50 million gallons of drinking water daily.
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6. What You Need to Know About Parallel Pump Operation

When the system is not designed for two (or more) pumps to operate at the same time (in parallel), it will not take long for both pumps to experience issues.
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5. Follow These 10 Tips for Better Pump Efficiency

Properly sizing systems, utilizing well-trained operators and performing routine maintenance can help overcome day-to-day challenges.
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4. 10 Tips for Better Pump Life Management

When the whole plant unexpectedly shuts down, then the pump gets attention. By simply monitoring pump pressures, however, users can avoid this problem.
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3. Take this Quiz: Are You a Pump Ninja?

When you think of your pump knowledge, does the word “ninja” come to mind? Take this quiz and write down your answers.
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2. Cavitation vs. Air Entrainment

Knowing the differences between cavitation and air entrainment is the first step to preventing equipment damage.
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1. What You Need to Know about NPSH & Cavitation

Columnist Lev Nelik breaks down the importance of these topics and what you need to know to maintain efficiency.
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