Impellers with this design help pumps achieve the ideal head, reduce wear and improve efficiency.
As the water and wastewater industry faces a shrinking labor source, remote monitoring can fill the experience gap.
A compressible design and stop-step feature enhance strength and minimize leakage.
Inspecting equipment more frequently transforms maintenance programs from reactive to proactive.
This material stands up to pump upsets such as cavitation and dry running.
Q. What are some typical indicators of an inefficient pumping system? A. Many pumping system components are not dynamic. These components allow fluid or heat transfer, but aside from thermal...
Performing maintenance tasks correctly the first time has become increasingly important to end users. Today’s end users are tasked with doing more work with less time, fewer resources and smaller...
SaaS platforms break down IT infrastructure barriers for designers and engineers.
Solar pumps and integrated systems are among the technologies driving global agricultural growth.
Level sensor and pump liner flaws increase avoidable costs for mining facilities.
The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was up 0.1 percent during the last 12 months, much lower than the broader S&P 500 Index, which was up 14.5 percent. The JKC Pump Stock Index...
Reduced downtime is an added benefit of sustainable procedures.
A German pharmaceutical facility upgraded its pumps to efficiently handle solvents.
A Texas golf course balanced water needs and environmental concerns with advanced pump controls.
Last year, “Reduce Thrust and Extend Bearing Life” (Pumps & Systems, December 2013) discussed the benefits and some potential pitfalls of adjusting the axial clearance of American National...
Eliminating electrical wiring reduced expenses and increased irrigation efficiency for a North Carolina business.
For those of you old enough to remember Lawrence Welk, you’ll notice that the title of this brief column is the final quote from his show’s closing song. I am still a loyal fan of his reruns...
Equipment upgrades help an eastern Colorado farmer extend water rights.