Pini Polonia employs advanced technology to process 1,000 pigs per hour.
Q. What sealing issues should a pump user be aware of when dealing with viscous fluids? A. Sealing issues related to viscous liquids are complex. Mechanical seals or sealing devices must be capable...
Effective predictive maintenance requires a commitment to a comprehensive program, which can result in cost savings.
California vineyard uses AODD pumps for 6,000-gallon tanks to achieve up to 60 percent savings in energy and operating costs.
Selecting the right equipment can mean the difference between unnecessary downtime and cost-saving pump longevity.
Proper selection, installation and maintenance can ensure optimal performance and longevity.
Avoiding these shortcuts can prevent many headaches in the long run.
Achieving unity power factor through the use of synchronous condensers can be a win-win situation for power utilities and consumers.
Clamp-on flow technology works well with large pipe sizes and high flow velocities.
Since the installation, the ozone systems have kept both pulp bleach lines operating with more than 99 percent reliability.
Shifting demographics and technological advances are shaping continuing education in the HVAC industry.
These are the answers to the Pump Ninja Quiz that was published in the July issue.