HI Pump FAQs
Seal failure is often a symptom of an underlying problem within the pump.
A seal manufacturer addresses common end user confusion and offers a crash course.
Understand how different pump types impact seal chamber pressure.
Although the traditional application is as a bearing surface, the technology is suitable for a seal face surface in pumps.
Externally pressurized porous gas bearings are being applied in seal applications for rotating equipment.
Understanding the manufacturing process that produced the equipment, as well as the production and cleaning processes for which the equipment is used, is vital for efficient operation.
Energy escapes the system when heated process fluid leaks, making seals a critical component for conservation.
Sealing Sense - Mechanical Seal Basics: How Mechanical Seals Work
Thanks to recent technological developments, split mechanical seals are now a viable solution to seal large shafts on rotating equipment.
Operators should investigate the pros and cons of each option to determine the best fit for their applications.
In today's world, facilities face the daunting challenge of minimizing the environmental impact of industrial processes. A primary motivation for industrial plants to control their environmental...
Because of the substantial concentrations of solids that these pumps handle, end users must understand the available sealing options.
End users will consistently purchase these critical wear components.
The industry has developed a specialized method over time.
Customized seals made from superior materials can help prevent premature failure in heavy-duty applications.
These seals and their piping plans offer a simpler alternative to wet containment systems.
Many associations, societies and regulatory agencies have rewritten and redeveloped emissions and leakage standards and controls year after year. The partial list of organizations—based on voluntary...
Avoid these root causes of seal failure.
What are pressure seals, and how do they work?
Efficient Operation with Diamond-Faced Mechanical Seals
Inadequate lubrication and dirt do not prevent multiphase pumps from operating efficiently when using diamond-faced mechanical seals.
Buffer & Barrier Fluids
What are the differences between using water or oil as a buffer or barrier fluid?
The Revised API 682 Mechanical Seal Standard
The 4th Edition includes details on the revised product coding system, the seal system selection process and seal supply systems.