The industry has developed a specialized method over time.
Customized seals made from superior materials can help prevent premature failure in heavy-duty applications.
These seals and their piping plans offer a simpler alternative to wet containment systems.
Many associations, societies and regulatory agencies have rewritten and redeveloped emissions and leakage standards and controls year after year. The partial list of organizations—based on voluntary...
Avoid these root causes of seal failure.
What are pressure seals, and how do they work?
Efficient Operation with Diamond-Faced Mechanical Seals
Inadequate lubrication and dirt do not prevent multiphase pumps from operating efficiently when using diamond-faced mechanical seals.
Buffer & Barrier Fluids
What are the differences between using water or oil as a buffer or barrier fluid?
The Revised API 682 Mechanical Seal Standard
The 4th Edition includes details on the revised product coding system, the seal system selection process and seal supply systems.
Pumps & Systems, April 2013Editor’s note: The editors of Pumps & Systems were happy to receive insight from the Fluid Sealing Association’s (FSA) President Greg Raty, Vice President Henri...
Cyclone Abrasive Separators Improve Seal Life
The fluid is cooled through this separation process to lower the temperature at the seal faces.
What is the sealing technology of choice for water and wastewater treatment?
Dry Gas Seal Conditioning Systems
Ensure proper gas flow and determine gas quality required for reliable operation.
Dry Split Seal a Solution for High-Temperature Mixing Tanks
Chemical attack is a destructive force in any high-tech manufacturing process. For TIMET’s Las Vegas, Nev., plant, the force was presenting itself during the high temperature mixing of titanium...
An Effective Dry Gas Seal Panel
Control, seal health, seal leakage and vent lines must be monitored for proper function.
FSA Sealing Sense June 2012
Editor's Note: This article is part of an ongoing feature series. For more "Sealing Sense" articles, click here.How do variable speed drives impact mechanical seals? This month’s “Sealing...
Sealing Supercritical CO2 Applications
Choosing the right sealing system for these applications can reduce maintenance time and costs and improve performance. Energy companies have performed enhanced oil recovery with supercritical...
Seal Features Increase Reliability
Editor's Note: This is the second in a six-part series on seals. For other articles in this series, click here.Proper seal choice is critical for optimal compressor operation.The focus of this...
Mechanical Seal Maintenance Simplified
Power plant slashes maintenance time and labor costs dramatically by switching to split design mechanical shaft seal.For rotating shaft equipment and machinery that include large pumps, seal...
The History of Pumps: How Seals Have Changed the Pump Industry
Read more about The History of Pumps here.  1954 API Standard 610 1st Edition is released (with section on mechanical seals).1957 DuPont commercializes the first fluoroelastomer (Viton...
Agitator Seal Runs Without Fail for 13 years
Due to heat-shrink technology, agitator seal functions failure free for more than a decade.The year 1997 started with some memorable events depending on your political and/or sporting interests. On...
New Leak Prevention Technology
Air-operated piston assembly, injectable and air flush enhance this sealing system's performance in harsh applications A leak prevention system (LPS) is available that is effective in sealing...
Oil & Gas Project Sets New Standards
 Tailored sealing solutions supply high-pressure sealing for Russia's East Siberia Pacific Ocean pipeline system.The East Siberia Pacific Ocean (ESPO) is a project of superlatives. The...
What is the Energy Footprint of Sealing Systems?
The term carbon footprint has become synonymous with greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate change. Carbon footprint commonly refers to the volume of greenhouse gases, the most prominent of which...