Q. What is NPSH3, and what are the methods for determining the NPSH3 of a rotodynamic submersible pump? A. NPSH3 is the net positive suction head available to a pump under test at a constant rate...
Facilities predominantly using these drives may face concern from power utility companies.
Diamond technology can also promote safety and provide exceptionally low emission sealing of critical equipment.
The right equipment can help with concerns in oil and gas exploration and mining, as well 
as at chemical plants and refineries.
The positive displacement technology handles backpressure fluctuations, cavitation and air entrainment.
The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index was down 22.1 percent over the last 12 months, while the broader S&P 500 Index was up 3.0 percent. The JKC Pump Stock Index also decreased 16.8...
This type of equipment may be ideal for power plant water-handling operations that require ferric sulfate and sulfuric acid.
Shifting trends in water use and changing sewage composition cause complex problems for the world’s sewer systems.
Misapplication of pumps is one of the more frequent field issues I witness. The issues are normally the result of a lack of knowledge and understanding of the physical limits of the machine. ...
This approach incorporated reverse engineering, design verification and casting simulation to address equipment failure.
These forces can have destructive effects if not carefully considered in piping design.
There are numerous factors to consider to ensure the best performance with this technology.
An influent pump station in Washington incorporated control technology that improved system efficiency and energy savings.
The Clean Power Plan and emphasis on efficiency are moving power utilities to optimize pumping systems.
The U.S. is a global production leader in energy and a major consumer of all types of energy. The Worldwatch Institute estimates that the U.S. has less than 5 percent of the world’s population yet...
Adoption of the IIoT will affect a broad range of market segments, including mining.
An effective program can increase the reliability and availability of machinery while minimizing maintenance costs.
A properly structured and managed program can enable large sites with vast numbers of assets to increase productivity while maintaining a plant’s long-term reliability.